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Letter Regarding Changes to Second Semester English
Posted 1/10/22

One of the most important goals of the El Sereno Middle School community is to establish a safe, and supportive
learning environment for all students. Creating a positive school culture and climate in which teaching and
learning can safely take place requires a partnership between parents, teachers, and the community. At ESMS,
we want every student to have a clear understanding of what is and what is not acceptable behavior. School
rules are posted in classrooms and throughout the building. Students are expected to adhere to school rules and
guidelines, as well as display the IB Profile Attributes daily.
For example:
Be Reflective- Think Before you Act
Be a Communicator- Communicate any problems/issues with students to an adult
Be Caring- Keep your hands to yourself. Do not spread rumors or talk about other people
Be Principled- Be honest and follow through with your responsibilities
After careful review of our student discipline concerns during this 2021-2022 first semester at El Sereno, we have
updated our school wide positive behavior policy to include the following action steps:
1. During break and lunch, students will only be allowed to be in groups of 4. Students should stay in one
area unless they are participating in a school activity, i.e. sports tournament/activity.
2. Lower field (grass field area) is only designated to students if he/she is playing an organized sport.
3. Restrooms will be open before school, after school, break, and lunch, please ensure your child takes
advantage during the allotted times. Emergencies will be granted 10-minutes after the bell has rung
during classes, and/or if a doctor’s note is provided for more frequent restroom visits.
4. School Uniforms will be strictly enforced per LAUSD and LSLC approved guidelines. If a uniform is not
worn, parents will be notified. Students will also be required to dress for P.E. every day. Tuesday’s will
change back to uniform ONLY. Students will no longer be able to wear PE uniforms to school.
5. Cell phones are to be shut off and put away during school hours per LAUSD bulletin (5468.0). If there is
an emergency you may call the main office, and/or your child may call you from the main office. Please
understand that cell phones create a distraction in school. Cell phones give students access to social
media. This accessibility is what we need to avoid. Students have iPads if research is needed during class
time. Please ensure iPads are fully charged every night at bedtime.
6. Social Media - Students shall consider their behavior and engagement when communicating with others
and sharing content in social media spaces, engage in privacy practices and respect the privacy of others,
not share confidential information about themselves or others, represent themselves honestly and
ethically online and are not to mislead others by impersonating another person, must restrict their access
to age-appropriate, educational content when using District electronic devices or network resources, and
must always behave lawfully and refrain from encouraging others to act unlawfully per LAUSD bulletin
a. Consequences for breaking any of the school policies will result in Category III offenses:
i. Category III: Student offenses with broad principal discretion. A suspension, including
in-school and class, shall be imposed only when interventions have failed to bring proper
conduct and/or safety is a risk.
ii. For an expulsion, a school must provide evidence of one or both of the following
additional findings: (1) other means of correction are not feasible or have repeatedly
failed to bring about proper conduct. (2) Due to the nature of the act, the student’s
presence causes a continuing danger to the physical safety of the pupil or others.
Our top priority has always been the safety and well-being of our students. We desire to always do what is best
for each student to help them become academically and emotionally successful. Please review the guidelines
above with your child(ren), so that we may have a safe and happy second semester.
If you have any questions, please contact me at your earliest convenience, (323) 224-4700.
Ms. Gomez