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  Be Safe Be Responsible Be Responsible Be Positive 
Auditorium                                                                                                   Walk when entering or exiting. Sit quietly during presentation Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Wait for dismissal instructions. Focus on presentation Keep personal belongings put Away. Lift seat up when leaving. Listen responsibly. Applaud appropriately. Refrain from booing, shouting or whistling. Enter quickly and quietly. Use voice level 2 when entering and exiting. Use positive language. Be supportive: Clap for presenters.                                                                 
Locker Room Enter only with teacher permission. Walk at all times. Use only your assigned locker. No shouting or whistling. No food, drinks or gum. Wait your turn in line. No cutting. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Place trash in the trashcan. Report vandalism to the adult on duty. Respect the property and rights of others. Give other people privacy. Always use appropriate language. Encourage others to dress quickly.
Dean's/Counselor's Office Always have a pass or referral from your teacher. Keep your hands and feet to yourself. Remain seated until called upon. Sign in upon entering. Write your statement of why you are here. Bring your classwork or a book to read. Remain quiet until asked to speak. Respect the privacy of others. Be honest. Always use appropriate language. Use positive language. Remain calm.
Restroom First arrive and enter promptly. Leave immediately and attend to your personal needs. Safety first. Have an adult to replace anything needed. Use positive language. No loitering.


El Sereno Middle School
Safe and Civil Schools

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Positive